Sunday, February 28, 2010


On Saturday, Veronica invited myself and 2 of my other friends to check out Fairfax County's first vinyard.  It's called Paradise Springs in Clifton, VA.  It's a 2 person operation, a mother and son, in a small cabin built in the 1800's.

We did a tasting and then bought a bottle, some crackers and cheese and just enjoyed!

This cheddar ball was delicious!

It was a very small cabin, but cozy!  The tastings take place in the cellar of the cabin as well as upstairs, right in the kitchen

We then moved outside to enjoy the nice, sunny day

Lizzie brought her little dawgie, Beanie.  She frequently gets her lip caught on her teeth, giving her quite a mean, but amusing look!

Soph may or may not have made Beanie dance against her will ;-)

A very obedient, Beanie!

Alex and I also ordered all of the tile for our master bath project.  It should all arrive on March 10th.  I hope we are ready for it by then!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wish list!

This is just so cool! I've been looking for a camera bag that actually looks like a purse. Unfortunately, it's sold out and it's only made by someone on Etsy. It's the best one I've found

And as silly as it sounds, I have been looking at digital voice recorders. I always try to carry a notepad with me but it's just not always practical. A voice recorder would be the easiest way to record my random thoughts and notes to myself.

Isn't that bag great??

Monday, February 22, 2010

Just critters

"Oh hai!"

I finally got a few more shots of Chai.  She's calmed down a little bit and is more comfortable with us

Invisible cheeseburger ;-)  Nom nom nom

She's quite the jumper.  Not a second after I took this picture, she leapt clear over my leg!  She's going to be trouble; just like Biscuit

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Sorry for the long delayed update; there wasn't much to write about.  But this weekend, Alex and I got a lot accomplished.  First, we sorted out the electrical.  Because we removed a wall (which housed much of the electrical), we had to move the wiring.  This involved running wire from the attic and/or possibly removing drywall from downstairs, which I really didn't want to do.  We figured a way to avoid removing drywall by drilling several holes (don't ask) in the floor. 

Anyway, once we got the electrical sorted out, we started cutting and placing the pieces for the cement board.  Once we pick up our tile, we'll be ready to put it down as well. 

This is where my sink will go.  On the corner will be a rounded piece of granite that will connect the two sinks, forming an "L" shaped vanity.  To the left is the opening to the master bedroom, where we will put in a door.

Looking at the end of this is where our walk-in shower will be.  There will also be the toilet and Alex's vanity.  It took some creative planning but I think it's going to be one hell of a master bathroom...with heated floors, no less :-)

On another note, we went over to Alex's parents' house for dinner tonight.  Marie took me for a short drive to this cute vintage shop where she let me pick out these gorgeous earrings for my upcoming birthday (even though they were the exact ones she'd spotted for me)!  They are freshwater pearls and the pictures really don't do them justice.  They are stunning!  And very shimmery

And it gives me a good opportunity to show off my fantastic red lipstick!  I had never been sure if red was my color.  I wish I could wear this more often!

Anyway, Alex and I will order our tiles this week and hopefully I'll have some more updates for you.  Happy Weekend!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh Mondays

It is exceedingly wonderful to come home on a Monday to this!  Phish Food ice cream, Skittles, dark chocolate M&M's, Reese's Big Cup and flowers

What a wonderful husband I have :-)

Friday, February 12, 2010


I have a new critter!  I'm sure some of you are rolling your eyes but ever since Biscuit died, I just really wanted another hamster (full size).  I've been looking for a while and came across this one tonight.  She's smaller than Biscuit was and a little skittish.  She's 3 months old and I've named her Chai, as she's kind of a milky color and my favorite drink is a Chai latte

She's a little camera shy but you know I'll have some better shots soon :-) once she gets more used to us

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowpocalyse 2010

So, I dunno, you may have noticed we got some snow.  Alex and I came home from Snowshoe Sunday night and as I mentioned in my previous post, the roads were rough.  We made it home around 6:30 and suddenly realized we'd have to shovel the driveway to get the truck in.  Well, both of us were too tired to do the whole thing so we shoveled just enough so we could get the truck out of the street.

Our neighbor is awesome and blew off our sidewalk.  He always does this too.  We are very thankful!  And it's about the only cleared sidewalk, especially since the blizzard today and last night

This is what our neighborhood looked like Monday.  It's much snowier now.  I've been shoveling since Sunday night.  My dad came over and even helped me shovel our roof as many have been collapsing under the weight of the snow

It was a very blustery snow and it sufficiently covered our porch. 

Alex tried to get off to work but got stuck at the end of our driveway and we had to dig his car out.  After about an hour of that, he gave in to the fact that he wasn't going in.  This ice at the bottom of our driveway was the contender.  It's about 6 inches thick.

We couldn't get all of it up.  This is also about 6 inches thick


The pile of snow behind him is about as tall as him

After our driveway was cleared, we decided it was time for fun!  First, the front porch



Then it was off to our back porch for a little more height

"You ready?"







He really got some height!

And a snowy face, HAHA


Then it was time to head in and have some warm soup!  What a great day.  I've been stuck at home alone the past few days since Alex worked.  It was great having him  here with me today.  I doubt Mason will be open tomorrow so I will likely have another day off.  Have I mentioned how much I love the snow?

On the scary side, the Fairfax County website said that plows are not likely to get into neighborhoods until Monday at the earliest.  So bear with 'em, people.  It's gonna be a while. Here's a bonus video of Alex digging out his car


So, Friday afternoon, right as the snow was starting, Alex and I (and several others) high-tailed it up to Snowshoe, WV to stay in this cabin.  The drive was long, 8 hours to be precise, but it was worth it.

Great place!  Hot tub and fireplace

The main level with the kitchen

The room we stayed in

The large basement

This is what all the "roads" were like.  Driving these at night was treacherous.  Alex held the flashlight out the window while I was that bad

Over abandoned railroad tracks

Thank goodness we had my dad's truck!

Overlooked a beautiful valley

Saturday skiing was great!  I stuck with Alex on the bunny slope for a few runs when he decided he didn't need a lesson.  So we hit the rest of the mountain for the rest of the day.  He did so well!  I have a video but I can't seem to find the video upload feature in the new editor... 

It was pretty snowy on Saturday...made for some great riding




Sunday was much sunnier.  We did a short day but still got a lot of runs in before we had to head home

I need snow clothes that don't make me look like a marshmallow


I was thrilled Alex had such a good time!  I did as well.  I didn't have to wait up for him at all!

The drive back on Sunday was much better until we hit Virginia on 66.  We saw car accidents about every 1/4 mile.  I'm talking bad accidents too!  Cars flipped over.  We even saw an accident happen to the right of us.  The guy was gawking at an accident on the side of the road then suddenly he started fish-tailing and slammed at 50 MPH into the already crashed people on the side of the road!!  Very scary

It is Wednesday...and I haven't been to work since Friday afternoon...