Thursday, May 31, 2012

My plants

 Now that it is almost officially summer, almost all my plants are out in full-bloom!
 My calla-lillies just came up last week
 I can't even believe how flawless they look!

 I completely forget what this plant is but I put it in last year and it has just spread so quickly!  I'm pretty happy though because it's such a bright and colorful plant.  It looks really nice mixed within the other plants

 I am really loving echinacea right now.  I wish I had more than one of these plants
 These coneflowers are just amazing!
 My hostas have sent up these tall shoots that have purple flowers starting to bud.  I didn't know hostas had flowers!
 This is just a quick, narrow shot of the bed in front of the house
 I believe this is an amaryllis and it is HUGE!  There are 5 blooms on it right now

 My hydrangeas are what I was most worried about.  They got seriously frost-bitten a few times but it doesn't seem to have stunted their blooming!
 The bushes may be small but the blooms are plentiful!
 Here's just a long-shot of the side of the house
 And the pathway
 I would love to know what type of fungus this is.  It seems to be all throughout my flower beds.  Does anyone know what it is?
 Here is our new herb garden that I put together a few weekends ago.  I love the huge wine barrel!  In here I planted basil, cilantro, parsley, thyme and oregano.  We have already used them quite a bit!
 We also got Alex a jalapeno plant.  It has all kinds of white flowers right now
 Then the white flowers drop and the little peppers start.  You can see just a tiny one starting!
I love basil!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

We had a visitor!

 So, Alex and I were taking a walk earlier tonight and stumbled upon this guy.  He ran up to us like a puppy dog!  He was so friendly (don't let the picture fool you!).  I came home to look at missing ads and found one that fit the description so I scooped him up and brought him home!

Funny thing is, the woman came by to take a look and realized it wasn't her cat!  They were so similar-looking, though. 
 He thought he'd make himself at home, in the meantime
 Oh you know, just chillin'
 This kitty likes to sleep in all kinds of weird positions
 Crazy kitty, but oh so cute

Oh I'm sorry, I was just being adorable.  I did let him back out, though, because I couldn't find any missing pet ads.  I hope someone finds him or that if he's feral, he finds a warm spot to sleep

Baby blanket

 A couple weeks ago I put together this quick baby blanket for a friend across the country who is having her first baby!
 I'd seen this fuzzy, textured fabric featured on all kinds of sewing blogs and when I found it in person, I learned why!  it is so soft and lovely to work with.  I believe it's called "minka"
 I made the letters out of felt and just sewed them on
I added a little extra white trim around the edge...perfect for a new baby girl!

Mother's Day #2

 For Mother's Day #2, I put together this Zesty Orange Ginger Carrot cake!  quite the mouthful, eh?

Here is the inside of this glorious cake!  It was also my first attempt at Swiss Meringue buttercream.  I'd have to say I did pretty well!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

 This weekend I put together a few special things for Mother's Day.  First was a fruit tart with a French pastry creme filling.  This tart is wonderful!  I made it several months ago for an engagement party and it went over really well

 I also made Sweet pea pesto and ricotta crostini.  Also a wonderful treat!  Very easy to put together and oh-so-tasty!
Here's a bonus picture of the fruit tart with some fresh whipped cream on top

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Meadowlark Wedding

 I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding last weekend at Meadowlark Gardens; which I love!  The groom was given a bottle of 35 year old scotch (certainly older than he!) to share as he pleased
 And hey, it's not every day you get a shoot a wedding where the bride looks like Anne Hathaway!

 I love this new bridge that Meadowlark added

 This was a new one for me.  I've done plenty of Jewish weddings but never seen them sign the ketubah before.  This one was gorgeous!
 The cake looked (and smelled) phenomenal!  Unfortunately, I didn't get to try any

As always, the horah was a blast!  They did the bride and groom, the parents, and the bride's siblings.  Very fun!