So, Friday afternoon, right as the snow was starting, Alex and I (and several others) high-tailed it up to Snowshoe, WV to stay in this cabin.  The drive was long, 8 hours to be precise, but it was worth it.

Great place!  Hot tub and fireplace

The main level with the kitchen

The room we stayed in

The large basement

This is what all the "roads" were like.  Driving these at night was treacherous.  Alex held the flashlight out the window while I was that bad

Over abandoned railroad tracks

Thank goodness we had my dad's truck!

Overlooked a beautiful valley

Saturday skiing was great!  I stuck with Alex on the bunny slope for a few runs when he decided he didn't need a lesson.  So we hit the rest of the mountain for the rest of the day.  He did so well!  I have a video but I can't seem to find the video upload feature in the new editor... 

It was pretty snowy on Saturday...made for some great riding




Sunday was much sunnier.  We did a short day but still got a lot of runs in before we had to head home

I need snow clothes that don't make me look like a marshmallow


I was thrilled Alex had such a good time!  I did as well.  I didn't have to wait up for him at all!

The drive back on Sunday was much better until we hit Virginia on 66.  We saw car accidents about every 1/4 mile.  I'm talking bad accidents too!  Cars flipped over.  We even saw an accident happen to the right of us.  The guy was gawking at an accident on the side of the road then suddenly he started fish-tailing and slammed at 50 MPH into the already crashed people on the side of the road!!  Very scary

It is Wednesday...and I haven't been to work since Friday afternoon...