On Saturday, Veronica invited myself and 2 of my other friends to check out Fairfax County's first vinyard.  It's called Paradise Springs in Clifton, VA.  It's a 2 person operation, a mother and son, in a small cabin built in the 1800's.

We did a tasting and then bought a bottle, some crackers and cheese and just enjoyed!

This cheddar ball was delicious!

It was a very small cabin, but cozy!  The tastings take place in the cellar of the cabin as well as upstairs, right in the kitchen

We then moved outside to enjoy the nice, sunny day

Lizzie brought her little dawgie, Beanie.  She frequently gets her lip caught on her teeth, giving her quite a mean, but amusing look!

Soph may or may not have made Beanie dance against her will ;-)

A very obedient, Beanie!

Alex and I also ordered all of the tile for our master bath project.  It should all arrive on March 10th.  I hope we are ready for it by then!