Monday, August 31, 2009

Boat dock

AJ and Kyle came to visit this weekend! We spent most of the weekend relaxing, except for Sunday morning when we decided to knock down our "boat dock". I've been wanting to knock it down since the first day we moved in.

It only took us an hour since most of the wood was so rotted out that it just fell apart

This is the mess of wisteria vines have no idea how many vines there were and how deep they go into the ground

Alex and I trying to knock it down's not going...

Wisteria mess

And it's gone!! We had several people from the neighborhood come by and thank us for knocking it down. I guess it was pretty hated ;-) I completely understand. I'm so happy it's gone!

How did everyone else spend their weekend?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

American Pika

Ok, so, I want one of these! It's an American Pika! I saw footage of them on Wild Russia (a show on Animal Planet). They make the cutest cry. It's like a hamster rabbit! Adorable :-)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thrift shops

THIS is precisely why I love thrift shops! In college, I mostly frequented them for the silly, outdated clothing for costume parties but now I keep my eye open for stuff for the house. Just the other day, I was killing some time in a thrift shop in Fairfax and spotted this gem tucked in the corner. I looked at the date and it was only the day before (no doubt that's why I was able to find it!). Then I saw the price: $3!! These cost at least $80 new from Home Depot/Lowes! I couldn't believe it. Even if it doesn't work, it's still worth it! I'm so excited to use this in one of our bathrooms.

Speaking of bathrooms, we are nearing completion of the smallest room in our house; a powder room off the kitchen. We'd put off ordering all the pieces for this vanity because the bowl was very expensive (costs more than the cabinet). I'm glad we waited because the price dropped significantly! So we ordered the bowl, then the vanity and then the faucet and it's all here in one piece now!

The faucet just showed up today so Alex and I are anxious to get the plumbing hooked up. It will be nice to have this bathroom functional. It's our little modern haven...if you've seen the rest of the house, it's a far cry from modern.

This was a real challenge to find a vanity that would fit this bathroom. First challenge was that the door opened into the bathroom, not out. This gave us space for an 18" vanity. Do you realize how few vanities there are that are that small?? Then we found this vanity on Home Depot's website and flipped the door around so it opens out now. There is much more room now! This vanity has a granite top which is nice as well.

The bathroom will not be complete, however, until we are able to tile the floor. That's a much bigger and more involved project that we are saving for another time. Whatever tile we use for the bathroom will be the same stuff we'll use for the kitchen and sunroom.

I know I'm a bit behind on the blog, but not much has happened lately. Alex and I got the baseboards down in our master bedroom, which is awesome! It feels like we almost have a complete room :-) It's become quite a little sanctuary...which I've been needing lately! Last thing I need is to order a comfy chaise lounge for a reading corner in the master bedroom; then it will be complete. I look forward to it!

'til next time...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New York State

Alex and I just got back from a weekend in New York. Alex's cousin Susan was getting married so we made the trip with Alex's parents.

On the way up, we found a ton of nice hiking trails so we took a short hike before the wedding

Great views!

The tent for the wedding was massive!

Alex and I got to decorate a bit :-) We decorated the gazebo for the ceremony

We are all wedding for the wedding! Mind you, this is the first wedding I haven't had to shoot and the first wedding Alex and I haven't been a part of! It was lovely to be able to truly enjoy a wedding as guests! And I didn't even bring my big camera, just my little point and shoot

The ceremony started about 30 mins late

Alex's cousin, Jen and her daughter. Jen is the bride's sister

Cute flower girl

Sleepy ring bearer!

The bride and her father!

Susan and Dan! Congrats!

Marie and Ed near the end of the was insanely hot!

And on another note, Alex and I are finally getting around to finishing our powder room off the kitchen. This is the vessel bowl we just got! It is awesome!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Finally home!

Well, I am back from a week at Bethany Beach! It was a great week! It seems we had just gotten there and I was telling myself, "No worries, we've got all week!" But that week flew by and now it's back to the grind. Anyway, I thought I'd share some photos from the trip, though I took less than I normally do.

We started off the week right; with candy! And lots of it! We each got a pound :-) I'd be lying if I said this lasted the entire week...or even the first night

Here are the guys showing off their goods!

Then it was off to the arcade for some games! First, an intense match of air hockey between Bobby and Alex

Get your game-face on!

Then it was on to the next "game" where the guys wasted most of their money. It was a punching machine to test how "strong" you are. This was almost a nightly activity for the guys

After only 2 days, I collected quite a few freckles...

And then there were the boardwalk dogs, yummm!

And the hermit crabs! I used to get these all the time as a kid!

I love this toilet paper holder :-)

Alex and I got up for the sunrise the first morning but it was so cloudy that we didn't even see the sky change colors. On our last morning, we got up again and got a great sunrise!

It was beautiful!

The neighbors had a butterfly bush that attracted not only butterflies but also hummingbirds. They were too quick for my camera but I did get the butterfly right before he flew off

Here's the house, and yours truly on the deck!

The neighbor's cat staring me down...look at that face

Some kid on the beach with glow sticks

Moonrise over the water

Then Saturday night, I shot a friend's wedding in Hollywood, MD. It was a great wedding and I can't wait to post some of the pics from it!

It's good to be home!