Saturday, May 18, 2013

Garden update

 If you are new to this blog, you'll learn I love taking pictures of the flowers in my garden.  If you are a frequent reader, I'm sorry for more flower pictures!
 These are my knockout roses
 They are amazing!

 I've got some Lily of the Valley, given to me from a neighbor
 This is a nandina with all kinds of new growth.  In the fall, they turn bright red!
 The ants are just about as excited as I am for the peonies to bloom!
 Lovely azaleas

 I got some lambs ear from a neighbor, too.  It has spread very quickly

 Hostas from a neighbor
 I LOVE hostas

 These are my absolute favorite!
 They smell heavenly and are just so darn cheery

Oh yeah, and I have this really cool piece of furniture old church pew!  Not sure what I'll do with it yet

Rainy Saturday hike

 Alex and I decided to head off to Bull Run Mountain for a hike today.  We accidentally stumbled upon the old mill that you can see from 66.  I've always seen it from the road and have been dying to see it.  I was ecstatic we'd happened to find it unknowingly.
 You can get inside, too!

 It's so cool seeing the old equipment

 Beautiful old mill

It is heavily reinforced!  Very cool place