Monday, April 23, 2012

New plants, how I love thee!

 Before I get to the plants; first, my friend's baby!  I am in love with this little guy
 Here he is with his daddy
 Oh my goodness, it looks like he's laughing
 Little Alex likes the exercise ball
 Ok, onto the plants!  I may be a bit obsessed with my garden
 This is my latest rose-bush I put in
 It is stunning!
 And it smells amazing, too

 This is called "Foxglove".  neat plant!
 Your standard Azalea

 This is the Knockout Rose bush I put in last year
 It is doing rather well!

Ok, enough of the roses

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring is here!

And I'm loving it!  I especially like to head out with my camera after a nice spring rain
 Everything has a nice layer of water on it

 Ok, someone in my neighborhood has a little gathering of poppies and I may or may not be a bit obsessed with them
 How gorgeous are these poppies?!

This is a peony bush I just planted last week.  I am anxiously awaiting the large, peony blooms!

I love spring!

Friday, April 13, 2012

The latest

 Now that I have given this baby blanket to its new owner, I can finally share it!  I finished this blanket about two-three weeks ago for some friends who just had a baby.  You may remember them from this post
 Anyway, it was my first blanket and it took me about two months to complete.  I am so happy with it!  I almost wish I could have kept it for myself ;-)
Little baby Alex will certainly get better use out of it than I, though.  I can say it is also super warm.  I can say that with confidence for the many nights I worked on this blanket with it on my lap.