Wednesday, June 29, 2011


 Just got my hair cut for the summer!  It had gotten so long.  it always feels so good having it so short with the summer heat
It will also never look this perfect again, haha

Sunday, June 26, 2011


 My mother-in-law has the BEST hydrangea bushes!  And many different varieties.  When we were over there for Father's Day, she was nice enough to let me cut several and bring them home

 So many beautiful colors

 Yesterday I decided to find myself an easy, quick craft.  I found this simple design for a shoulder bag.  This is my first sewing project (other than hemming pants).  I think I did pretty well!

 Close-up of the strap
There is even a little pocket on the inside!  I'm really happy with how it turned out and it only took me about 3-4 hours to complete. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

2 Years later!

I am pretty far behind on this but I wanted to do a quick run-down of year 2 in our house.  These are the more major projects we completed in year 2. First up is our deck.  Here is our deck before;
Small and rotted, it was in need of serious repair. 

So we tore it down and started from scratch.
The picture on the right is from when we finished
right before winter.  We made the deck about 4
feet larger on each side and added a second set of stairs.  The deck boards are Trex composite decking; no staining, no splinters, and the bugs don't like it!  It's also a breeze to put down.  Now that it's warmed up, it's been great enjoying our deck

We recently did quite a bit of landscaping.  When we moved in, the front of the house consisted of bags of dirt, not even opened.  Obviously we waited quite a while before remedying that because it required a lot of dirt to regrade the front.  So we added dirt, plants and mulch.  The front is much nicer looking now.
 Another major change we did in the past year is all new siding and roofing.  Both the siding and roof were in rough shape
We replaced the original aluminum siding with vinyl siding.  I painted all trim white and we got new blue shutters. 

 The last time you saw the dining room, it looked like this.
This is it today; not much different except for artwork on the walls and trim around the sliding glass doors (just barely visible).

 On the left is what you last saw the bathroom looking like.  On the right is it now.  Not a whole lot has changed; just added more stuff since I've been using it regularly.  It still hasn't become a fully functioning bathroom as the toilet doesn't work and the shower is still down to the studs.  We plan to eventually finish it but since we have several other working bathrooms, our motivation has been lacking.

This is by far my favorite transformation.  This picture is actually from the very first night we looked at the house.  We hadn't changed anything in the kitchen until recently (about 2-3 months ago).

This is the kitchen now.  I painted all the kitchen cabinets white (this took several weeks!), installed hardware on the cabinets (non-existent before), got new granite counter tops, got a new cooktop, sink and faucet.  We hope to replace the floors soon and put some hardwood down.  Overall, I love the kitchen and am so happy I decided to paint the cabinets!  Also in the plans is to knock out an opening into the sunroom to open up the kitchen a bit more.

On the left is our basement shortly after we moved in.  Nothing special about it.  When my brother and his wife were about to move in last year, we decided to finish it off so it was a bit
more liveable

This picture isn't entirely up to date but it doesn't look much different right now.  We put down laminate bamboo flooring, baseboards, and painted.  It was a pretty quick renovation.  Since my brother and his wife have moved out, the basement is pretty much empty now.

There have been plenty other small projects and the finishing up of projects but these are the major changes.  A lot of the rooms in our house are at about 70% done so we've been working to finish them off. 

Upcoming projects include:  a vegetable garden, a paver walkway to the deck, a patio off the deck, the pass-through in the kitchen, a reading nook in the sun room, and finish the master bath (finally).  No real time frame for these projects but they're in the back of my mind.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


 Alex and I finally finished our pergola today!
 Since we finished our deck so close to winter, we didn't have time to finish it
 The last thing we need to do to our deck is the lattice around the base
 I'm pretty happy with the pergola, though!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Thomas Birkby House Wedding

 I shot a wedding 2 weeks ago at the Thomas Birkby House.  It was my first time shooting there

 This cake was amazing!  And it tasted even more delicious!
 The cake inside was red velvet

 couldn't believe these guys actually went for it when I asked them to skip down the road!

 A nice, small wedding!
Congrats Suzanne and John!


 Last weekend I went wine tasting with my girls at the Vintage Virginia Wine Fest
 There was lots of wine and lots of delicious food!
 And wonderful friends
 Yummy sangria

Mr. Andrew bought LOTS of wine!  I just got one bottle