We had a visitor!

 So, Alex and I were taking a walk earlier tonight and stumbled upon this guy.  He ran up to us like a puppy dog!  He was so friendly (don't let the picture fool you!).  I came home to look at missing ads and found one that fit the description so I scooped him up and brought him home!

Funny thing is, the woman came by to take a look and realized it wasn't her cat!  They were so similar-looking, though. 
 He thought he'd make himself at home, in the meantime
 Oh you know, just chillin'
 This kitty likes to sleep in all kinds of weird positions
 Crazy kitty, but oh so cute

Oh I'm sorry, I was just being adorable.  I did let him back out, though, because I couldn't find any missing pet ads.  I hope someone finds him or that if he's feral, he finds a warm spot to sleep