My plants

 Now that it is almost officially summer, almost all my plants are out in full-bloom!
 My calla-lillies just came up last week
 I can't even believe how flawless they look!

 I completely forget what this plant is but I put it in last year and it has just spread so quickly!  I'm pretty happy though because it's such a bright and colorful plant.  It looks really nice mixed within the other plants

 I am really loving echinacea right now.  I wish I had more than one of these plants
 These coneflowers are just amazing!
 My hostas have sent up these tall shoots that have purple flowers starting to bud.  I didn't know hostas had flowers!
 This is just a quick, narrow shot of the bed in front of the house
 I believe this is an amaryllis and it is HUGE!  There are 5 blooms on it right now

 My hydrangeas are what I was most worried about.  They got seriously frost-bitten a few times but it doesn't seem to have stunted their blooming!
 The bushes may be small but the blooms are plentiful!
 Here's just a long-shot of the side of the house
 And the pathway
 I would love to know what type of fungus this is.  It seems to be all throughout my flower beds.  Does anyone know what it is?
 Here is our new herb garden that I put together a few weekends ago.  I love the huge wine barrel!  In here I planted basil, cilantro, parsley, thyme and oregano.  We have already used them quite a bit!
 We also got Alex a jalapeno plant.  It has all kinds of white flowers right now
 Then the white flowers drop and the little peppers start.  You can see just a tiny one starting!
I love basil!


you've done a lot of work since I was there- lovely!