Sunday, December 20, 2009

Record breaking snowfall!

So before I get into the snow business, I wanted to share this. Many times I've tried to explain the difference between a cropped sensor (my old camera) and a full frame sensor (my newer camera) but always fell short. Here is a great example. The top picture was taken with my old camera with a wide angle lens. The second one with my newer camera with the same lens, standing in the same spot.

Little bit of a difference, eh?

Alright, on to the snow! AJ and Kyle made their way up for a wedding that was supposed to happen on Saturday and by some weird chance made it here in time for their rescheduled wedding on Friday evening. They just made it there in time for the vows! I guess the couple decided to bump it up a night due to the storm. Well, only about 30 people made it (so I hear) and the reception was simply canceled for Saturday. So that gave AJ, Kyle, myself and Alex all weekend to hang out. We dug out the car Saturday and went to the grocery store for the essentials

Yup, I think it's all there! And made delicious paninis

Then it was time to hunker down and watch The Dark Knight on BluRay!

By 10pm, the snow had really piled up against our sliding glass doors

This morning I made pumpkin spice pancakes with cinnamon syrup. I HIGHLY recommend this recipe and will provide it if people are interested. They were delicious!

This was taken this morning. Our street is hardly plowed and we pushed several people out

So then it was on to shoveling the sidewalks. Luckily the snow was fluffy

Then it was time for dinner at Old Ebbit Grill in DC with AJ and Kyle and my parents. The chocolate layer cake I got for dessert was killer!

And lastly, we made our way to check out the tree. Unfortunately the path around it was closed due to the snow

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I really enjoyed the snow. Unfortunately, Mason is just about the only thing that is open tomorrow so I've gotta go to work. Yuck! But, it is a short week so I guess I can't complain too much

Friday, December 18, 2009

Lovely things

So, I disappear for an hour to do a work order and come back to this; Annie, my work kitty sleeping on my office chair. Usually if I leave, she will beg to be let back outside as she doesn't like to stay in the building alone. But today, she was totally knocked out on my chair. Freakin' adorable! So now my chair is warm and I've got a lap kitty again :-) I so wish I could take this precious kitty home

And how about the forecast??? Wooohoo snow!! I have absolutely nothing important to do this weekend so let it snow! You best believe I'll be posting pics tomorrow. Enjoy!

Monday, December 14, 2009


So, this may not look like much to YOU...but this was one of Alex's and my biggest goals for winter; to get both our cars in the garage! This garage has been pretty packed with, table saws, miter box, air compressor, hoses, drywall, cement board, plywood, 2x4's, trim, crown molding...on and on and on. We were both tired of scraping our cars and I had always told myself I wouldn't be the homeowner who uses their garage for just stuff. So I'm proud to say, WE DID IT!

And here's a shot of our front room with our Christmas tree. It's a little small but we are going to purchase a bigger one after Christmas

And here's a cute little ornament Marie got me :-) I love cupcakes!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


This is going to be long...first off, new haircut. It was getting a little out of control :-)

More like "Cookie Weekend"! That is pretty much what I did all weekend

But among all the craziness and baking of this weekend, Alex and I decided to replace the lights in our sunroom. They were very outdated and burned up light bulbs every couple of days...not to mention the scorch marks on them made me a tad uneasy! We hit up Home Depot and found these great track lights that were quite affordable. I think they are infinitely better than the old lights!

Our sunroom feels like an art studio!

There was also cookie baking...LOTS of it! Friday night I baked sugar cookies with Kelly. And we made a ton of them!!

I also made cupcakes on Friday! These were for a holiday party. I'd say they turned out pretty well :-) Not bad for my first time with a piping tip

Then today I baked even more cookies with Alex's mom, Veronica, and my mom. We made 4 different recipes; lace cookies, no bake chocolate peanut butter bars, cranberry and pistachio biscotti, and chocolate gingersnaps! This is an adorable ornament that Alex's mom made from a picture of Veronica and I blowing bubbles

Here are the gingersnaps...very delicious!

And the lace cookies

I've been trying to get pictures of my neighbors' Christmas light display but really video can only do it justice...check it out. I shot the first one from our yard and then I crossed the street for the second video

Anyway, I think I'm done :-)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

First snow

There's nothing like a nice big mug full of chai tea latte! I have become quite the master of making lattes of all sorts but the chai is my favorite right now.

And how great is this big orange mug I got from Crate and Barrel!

Last night I made a black bean soup thatwas pretty freakin' delicious

And of course, woke up to this! There is a good bit of snow accumulating on the ground and I hope it keeps up! I have a baby shower to get to today in Pville so it'll make that a bit challenging but I'm up to it

Enjoy the snow!