This is going to be long...first off, new haircut. It was getting a little out of control :-)

More like "Cookie Weekend"! That is pretty much what I did all weekend

But among all the craziness and baking of this weekend, Alex and I decided to replace the lights in our sunroom. They were very outdated and burned up light bulbs every couple of days...not to mention the scorch marks on them made me a tad uneasy! We hit up Home Depot and found these great track lights that were quite affordable. I think they are infinitely better than the old lights!

Our sunroom feels like an art studio!

There was also cookie baking...LOTS of it! Friday night I baked sugar cookies with Kelly. And we made a ton of them!!

I also made cupcakes on Friday! These were for a holiday party. I'd say they turned out pretty well :-) Not bad for my first time with a piping tip

Then today I baked even more cookies with Alex's mom, Veronica, and my mom. We made 4 different recipes; lace cookies, no bake chocolate peanut butter bars, cranberry and pistachio biscotti, and chocolate gingersnaps! This is an adorable ornament that Alex's mom made from a picture of Veronica and I blowing bubbles

Here are the gingersnaps...very delicious!

And the lace cookies

I've been trying to get pictures of my neighbors' Christmas light display but really video can only do it justice...check it out. I shot the first one from our yard and then I crossed the street for the second video

Anyway, I think I'm done :-)