Record breaking snowfall!

So before I get into the snow business, I wanted to share this. Many times I've tried to explain the difference between a cropped sensor (my old camera) and a full frame sensor (my newer camera) but always fell short. Here is a great example. The top picture was taken with my old camera with a wide angle lens. The second one with my newer camera with the same lens, standing in the same spot.

Little bit of a difference, eh?

Alright, on to the snow! AJ and Kyle made their way up for a wedding that was supposed to happen on Saturday and by some weird chance made it here in time for their rescheduled wedding on Friday evening. They just made it there in time for the vows! I guess the couple decided to bump it up a night due to the storm. Well, only about 30 people made it (so I hear) and the reception was simply canceled for Saturday. So that gave AJ, Kyle, myself and Alex all weekend to hang out. We dug out the car Saturday and went to the grocery store for the essentials

Yup, I think it's all there! And made delicious paninis

Then it was time to hunker down and watch The Dark Knight on BluRay!

By 10pm, the snow had really piled up against our sliding glass doors

This morning I made pumpkin spice pancakes with cinnamon syrup. I HIGHLY recommend this recipe and will provide it if people are interested. They were delicious!

This was taken this morning. Our street is hardly plowed and we pushed several people out

So then it was on to shoveling the sidewalks. Luckily the snow was fluffy

Then it was time for dinner at Old Ebbit Grill in DC with AJ and Kyle and my parents. The chocolate layer cake I got for dessert was killer!

And lastly, we made our way to check out the tree. Unfortunately the path around it was closed due to the snow

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I really enjoyed the snow. Unfortunately, Mason is just about the only thing that is open tomorrow so I've gotta go to work. Yuck! But, it is a short week so I guess I can't complain too much