Finally home!

Well, I am back from a week at Bethany Beach! It was a great week! It seems we had just gotten there and I was telling myself, "No worries, we've got all week!" But that week flew by and now it's back to the grind. Anyway, I thought I'd share some photos from the trip, though I took less than I normally do.

We started off the week right; with candy! And lots of it! We each got a pound :-) I'd be lying if I said this lasted the entire week...or even the first night

Here are the guys showing off their goods!

Then it was off to the arcade for some games! First, an intense match of air hockey between Bobby and Alex

Get your game-face on!

Then it was on to the next "game" where the guys wasted most of their money. It was a punching machine to test how "strong" you are. This was almost a nightly activity for the guys

After only 2 days, I collected quite a few freckles...

And then there were the boardwalk dogs, yummm!

And the hermit crabs! I used to get these all the time as a kid!

I love this toilet paper holder :-)

Alex and I got up for the sunrise the first morning but it was so cloudy that we didn't even see the sky change colors. On our last morning, we got up again and got a great sunrise!

It was beautiful!

The neighbors had a butterfly bush that attracted not only butterflies but also hummingbirds. They were too quick for my camera but I did get the butterfly right before he flew off

Here's the house, and yours truly on the deck!

The neighbor's cat staring me down...look at that face

Some kid on the beach with glow sticks

Moonrise over the water

Then Saturday night, I shot a friend's wedding in Hollywood, MD. It was a great wedding and I can't wait to post some of the pics from it!

It's good to be home!


Kelly Anne said…
Haha, two random things:

1: Don't you love being freckley? I adore it! After 2 months of living at the beach, my arms are COVERED in freckles!

2: Oddly enough, our first Cavalier, Patch, came from a breeder in Hollywood, MD. It's been a long time since I heard the name!

I love Bethany Beach. So glad you guys had a good time!
Marley said…
lol, I can't say I've ever loved my freckles but I guess they're part of my identity. I can never get over just how freckly I get!

I definitely saw a lot of Amish people in Hollywood...seriously, like riding down the highway in a horse and buggy. Had I not been on my way to shoot a wedding, I'd have had a lot more photos along the way
One, your freckles are cute. And two, I really love that last picture.