With all this house stuff Alex and I have been doing, it has come with an indefinite amount of paperwork. This is exactly what I feel like doing with all this paperwork! This is one contract that we rescinded so that's why I'm throwing it in the air. First attempt didn't work so well. I tried throwing the whole bunch and you can see it just stuck like that until it almost hit me in the head. Second attempt was much better...

Thee papers I shall levitate, haha.

Anyway, here's another wedding photo from early in the gigs. I love this photo to pieces because the little girl was just so freakin' cute! Don't you love it?!

And I took this photo this morning with my new macro lens. Click on the photo to truly see the detail...seriously. Cuz otherwise, it just looks like any other photo. I hope everyone had a great weekend! Alex and I find out tomorrow morning if the seller will ratify our contract or the other that was put in at the same time as ours. Eeeek!


Kelly Anne said…
I will never look at a raspberry the same way again...gorgeous.

Good luck!! Let me know how it turns out!
Yea, that raspberry looks baller. Mmm.