Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dinner Party!

 Alex and I decided to host a small dinner party!
 It's a good excuse to use our nice china
 Made the centerpiece all from flowers in my garden

 Hollowed out lemons for lemon mint granita
 Here's the granita.  Super refreshing!
 Here they are plated and looking pretty
 These were intended as a between-courses palate cleanser
 Salt and pepper straws made by yours truly
 Pear, arugula, and ham salad with toasted pine nuts
 The chef
 The menu!
 Itty bitty, mini biscuits for mascarpone pepper jelly and ham biscuits
 Table is set!

 Mascarpone pepper jelly and ham biscuits
 I think these were a real hit
 Sweet corn soup with basil oil and fresh ricotta
 Rosti potatoes with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and creme fraiche
 Triple chocolate mousse cake
Had fun with a little garnish on top.  Also had two other desserts not pictured; Biscoff truffles and salted caramel shortbread. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

what we ate for dinner tonight

 So, for our anniversary, my parents got us the Patrick O'Connell (Chef at the Inn at Little Washington) cookbook.  We've been thumbing through it and Alex decided to try a couple recipes.
 This is what we had for big deal.  Rosti potatoes with salmon and creme fraiche scrambled eggs.  Umm, yummm!
 Next was tuna
 Look at that peppery tuna
And all put together!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Garden update

 So, here's a picture of the lovely tomatoes we had...before the deer decided to indulge.  We lost all our tomatoes, except for the cherry tomatoes.  We didn't even get to try the big ones.  Humph!
 Alex's hops are doing well, however!
 And so are the cherry tomatoes

 Beautiful and tasty

 We even have some berries

 My dahlias are blooming so much earlier this year.  last year they didn't bloom until late October