Sunday, June 30, 2013

Burger Battle DC 2013

 Ok, this post will just be absurd.  If you are offended/grossed out by massive quantities of food, stop reading here.  Alex and I attended the first DC Burger Battle where 10 DC chefs faced off to see who makes the best burger. 
 There was also a local baker who showed off her goods.  Those are salted caramel brownies...I may have had one or two...or 4?
 Peanut butter marshmallow squares...amazing
 Brown sugar cookies
 A couple of the chefs getting burgers ready.
 Alex getting ready for the feast with a beer.  Did I mention it was all you can eat and all you can drink??
 This burger was my favorite!
 There was plenty of seating under umbrellas
 Just some of the beer from the local brewers.  I had the Lemon saison and it was absolutely perfect for a hot summer day
 this burger was absolutely many different meats!  It's also the burger of the restaurant that hosted the event; Poste Modern Brasserie
 Here's a diagram of the overall winning burger; it was called The "beast"...and it was!

 The burger from Proof/Estadio is the only one we didn't try.

 alright, first burger from Ripple DC; the bun had a nice spiciness to it.  On top you can see a sundried tomato, underneath is avocado, lettuce, and bacon.  The sauces on the side are guacamole and smoked egg yolk (yummm!)
 Burger #2 had quail eggs!
 This was one of both of our favorites.  It had some type of black bean sauce on the burger and the quail egg was fantastic.
 Alex sizes up the burger and decides how to approach it
 Digging in is the way to go!
 Number 3 was a kimchi burger; pretty tasty but not my favorite
 Here it is with the top of the pretzel bun. 
 Number 4 was in a homemade pita pocket, cucumber, tomato, and a really tasty feta sauce.
 The drinks and desserts are starting to pile up
 This burger was my favorite from Firefly.  It was a lamb burger with a fantastically soft and buttery bun.
 here's another view without the top bun
 Here is number 5, the "Beast", the winner!  This burger could hardly be called a "slider" must have been 5-6 ounces.  From the top; tater tot, potato chip bun, "special sauce", lettuce, bacon, cheese, meat (made from 4 different types of meat), and caramelized onions.  We were beginning to slow down at this point and could only eat a few bites.
 Had we been smart, we would have split all the burgers!

 Showing just how big The "Beast" is, half eaten
 Burger 6
 Burger 7; not only was this a fantastic burger patty, it had braised pork belly on top!  The pretzel bun was absolutely perfect
 Only one chef made fries; these were lemon rosemary fries with lemon mayo
 burgers from Poste (the hosts of the event) in cute take-away boxes
This is the last burger we tried (just one bite each) and this is the "125%" burger with 5-6 different types of meat in the patty; chuck, short rib, rib eye, brisket, and beef tongue.  I'm sad we were too full to really enjoy this one.  One bite was all we could handle.

this was a really phenomenal event hosted by Poste and Brainfood DC!  I hope they do it again next year

Sunday, June 23, 2013

More garden stuff!

 Man have I fallen behind on updating my blog.  It seems to always be garden stuff ;-)  Last year I spread a packet of seeds, forgot what it was, and was pleasantly surprised to see these wildflowers come up!
 A wild poppy, I believe

 My hydrangeas are coming back nicely

 My little $7 rose bush from Home Depot is doing just fine!
 Check out the little cherry tomatoes
 Very exciting
 Here are the whoppers!  Beefsteak tomatoes
 I cannot wait for these to be ready to pick

 This is my mini Iris garden
 And look!  We have berries starting!  I just covered the area up with netting as I don't want the birds getting to them before I can

 Not much of a picture but closest in the foreground is a blueberry bush, then two blackberries, then the butterfly bush on the end
 I love butterfly bushes!

 More hydrangeas

 My big hydrangea!

 One of my favorite coneflowers! 
 Calla lilies
And we got our first carrot!  Woohoo!