Sunday, June 23, 2013

More garden stuff!

 Man have I fallen behind on updating my blog.  It seems to always be garden stuff ;-)  Last year I spread a packet of seeds, forgot what it was, and was pleasantly surprised to see these wildflowers come up!
 A wild poppy, I believe

 My hydrangeas are coming back nicely

 My little $7 rose bush from Home Depot is doing just fine!
 Check out the little cherry tomatoes
 Very exciting
 Here are the whoppers!  Beefsteak tomatoes
 I cannot wait for these to be ready to pick

 This is my mini Iris garden
 And look!  We have berries starting!  I just covered the area up with netting as I don't want the birds getting to them before I can

 Not much of a picture but closest in the foreground is a blueberry bush, then two blackberries, then the butterfly bush on the end
 I love butterfly bushes!

 More hydrangeas

 My big hydrangea!

 One of my favorite coneflowers! 
 Calla lilies
And we got our first carrot!  Woohoo!

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