Peru, day 9

We didn't do a whole lot on our last full day in Cusco.  We had to return our rental gear to Loki hostel.  We mostly planned to eat at a few more places and walk around the city.  Luckily it was a beautiful day!  We walked around, checked out the cocoa museum shop, bought some really tasty chocolates.  We had crepes for lunch at the crepe place we'd found earlier in our trip.  For dinner we went to a restaurant called La Cicciolina, known for tapas. 
We ordered duck proscuitto over fried polenta with orange sauce.  Yumm!  Alex got duck breast for the main course and I got shrimp, calamari, and scallop risotto. 
 Alex got a "deconstructed" apple crumble
 I got white chocolate mousse with caramel sauce and mint jellies. 

Our flight the next morning would be at 7:25am so we went to bed early, as usual.  Unfortunately, it was raining and the airport at Cusco is really tricky to fly out of in the rain.  We ended up being delayed over 2 hours...our flight was the last one to make it out of that airport that day.  We missed our next two connecting flights.  This got us stuck in the Lima airport for 10 hours as we waited for our flight to Bogota, Colombia.  Then we had to kill another 9 hours in the Colombia airport (overnight, too).  Fortunately, that airport is pretty nice.  So after 36 hours of travel, and a day later, we finally made it home!