Wonderful spring

 FINALLY, the weather is getting nice!  It feels like it's taken forever for spring to fully arrive.  I think it's here to stay, though.
 My mother-in-law and I had lunch together and here is my awesome dessert:chocolate mousse, hot chocolate truffle, and a dark chocolate torte.  Oh my goodness...amazing
 My first tulip is open!
 Here's an adorable little pitcher my mother-in-law got me.  I filled it with hyacinths and forsythia from my yard. 

 Isn't it great?!
My kitchen smells lovely!
 We also got to celebrate this little guy's first birthday on Saturday!  What a cutie; kicking back for some cake
 "Did you say mashed potato icing?!  Mom, you're hilarious!"  No cake smashing for this little gentleman.  Happy first birthday Alex!