Steamboat Springs, CO

 We just returned a few days ago from an 8 day trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  My family was there 15  years ago! 
 We were pretty nervous leading up to the trip as Steamboat hadn't really gotten any snow.  However, a week before we arrived, the snow began dumping!  In December alone, Steamboat got over 90 inches of snow! 

The first few days were clear and sunny, offering beautiful views of the valley

 This is me at the peak; Morningside (the back-country stuff) is over my shoulder

 Here is Morningside
 So much powder
 So awesome!
 for the second half of our trip, we got absolutely hammered with snow and it was wonderful!
 Look at those fresh tracks!
 I had to follow my brother's tracks to be able to move in the deep snow; oftentimes, it was up to my knees
 Here's more Morningside.  Going through was tricky as it's a lot of trees but oh so fun
 Yup, I rode right through this
Here Alex is showing the depth of the snow.  If you look in front of his leg, you can see his pole stabbed into the snow
 On our last day, there were 9 inches of fresh powder.  I wiped out (which is lovely in powder) and as you can see, all that was visible was my head and arm.
Plowing through the powder!  Awesome!