Baking therapy

 This weekend was a friend's birthday and of course, I took advantage of that and baked a cake.  This was a recipe I'd bookmarked a long time ago.  It's a lemon cake with fluffy lemon filling and a vanilla bean buttercream.  On top are candied lemon slices and strawberry garnish. 
 I made myself a mini gluten-free version so I could pretend I was trying the same cake ;-)  It was actually pretty decent even though Alex had to burst my bubble and tell me the real thing was certainly better.
 Candied lemon slices are much easier to make than I expected, and really tasty!  They are kind of like a more tart lemonhead.
 How about that icing technique?  Pretty cool. 
 A few weeks ago, I also put up a bird feeder outside our window, mostly to entertain Strauss (the cat).
 We have been getting all kinds of birds!  I don't know what any of them are except for the cardinal.
 Really cute little guys
Strauss is still learning that if he wants to watch them often, he needs to NOT pounce on the window.  He's getting a bit better about it and mostly ducks below the window sill and watches...sometimes he chitters at the birds.  Adorable


Veronica said…
A beautiful and delicious cake!