Rome, Italy

 Last but not least was our stop-off in Rome.  We were in Rome for 4 days.

 As you will, no doubt, notice, I was clearly very interested in the ceilings and architecture of the buildings

 These were all taken in the Vatican Museum

 The ceilings are incredible!

 Leaving the Vatican Museum

 Overlooking Rome

 Lovely sunset from Borghese Park
 The Colosseum, of course
 Again, happy to no longer be bundled up, like in Belgium and France
It's hard to see but that's a kitty sleeping in the Colosseum

 Really cool old fountain from the Palentine Hill area
 More Palentine Hill
 This little guy was stalking a lizard!  And he got it!

 Trevi Fountain, of course

Pretty awesome!

So there are all my photos unedited.  I plan on going through and re-posting them once I've had some time to touch them up.