More Paris

We bought a 4 day museum pass for Paris.  It allows you access to well over 20 different museums and sights in Paris and allows you to skip the lines.  We really made great use of it!  We saw Notre Dame (went to the top), the Louvre, the Orangerie, d'Orsay, Rodin, Palace of Versailles, Invalides, Saint Chappelle, and I'm sure I'm missing some.

Saint Chappelle is incredible!  If only it hadn't be under construction while we were there.  So pretty, though

Amazing artist at the Luxembourg Gardens; one of my favorite spots!

In heaven here!

On to the Palace of Versailles; the famous Hall of Mirrors.  Less impressive full of tourists but still pretty darn impressive
Weird high heels made of cookware
sculpture made of plastic spoons
 Gardens at Versailles
 Looks like the statue is coming out of my head
 Incredible flowers!
 Cool fountains in the Versailles gardens

 Lots of kitties in the gardens...this one was catching a snooze

 The gardens at the Rodin museum are lovely!

 The cemetery, Pere Lachaise, was incredible!  We spent a few hours walking around here
 A look down the stairs we had to climb every day to our flat
 Sacre Cur; photos not allowed inside...bummer!

 So many mausoleums are just outrageously ornate!

 Here is Chopin's grave
 And Jim Morrison's grave

 On our last day, we saw the Catacombs
Fascinating place!


Kelly Anne said…
So jealous you saw the Catacombs! My mom was SO not willing to venture there.
Marley said…
The Catacombs were awesome and weird!