Europe highlights, Brussels

Well, Alex and I have just returned from 3 weeks in Europe!  Boy was it an adventure.  I have a whole ton of pictures to go through but I'll post some quick ones here, broken down into sections of the trip.  First up, Brussels and Brugge:

 Here is a shot of the place we stayed at in Brussels; large, open, and bright!
 One of the massive buildings at Grand Place
 A church just up the road from where we stayed

 Pretty awesome detail

 we made a trip out to see the Atomium, because why not?
 Another awesome church on our way back from the Atomium

 Very modern stained glass in this one
 We did try macarons; I'd never had one before.  Pretty tasty
 The best thing was the waffles!  This was at the Haagen Dazs cafe
 Lovely door in Brugge
 the streets of Brugge

 Rain clouds rolling through the main square in Brugge

 Fall was coming right along in Europe
 More macarons
 climbing up the Belfort Tower in Brugge
 More waffles in Brussels.  This was a speculoos waffle, OMG
 On our tour of the Cantillon Brewery
 That's a lot of lambic!
 Here are some of the different gueze we tried
 Here's an old cafe we popped in, as recommended by some other American we ran into at the Cantillon brewery
 I think what I got was a hot chocolate
 Some of the beers we tried...notice "Cookie Beer",  based off Speculoos cookies.  It was weird
 Last night in Brussels, we got some Belgian chocolates.  Above is a Speculoos ice cream thingy

This was the massive door to the courtyard into our place