A few weekends ago, Alex and I attended a very good friend's wedding in Boston.  I had some down-time with a friend of mine (pictured below), so we ventured into Boston proper for some sight-seeing.  We had a few places we wanted to check out but got so lost that we ended up only having time for one...ice cream.  The ice cream was totally worth the 2 or so hour drive!  It's from Toscanini's
 Here was my Boston-buddy, Jordan, looking fabulous for the wedding!
 And she helped do my make-up!
 On to something completely different...the cat...again
 This guy has no shame...he loves to sprawl!
And he's just oh so cute doing it


Kelly Anne said…
I'm so glad you got photos of the two of you all dressed up! Y'all were fierce.
Kelly Anne said…
I'm so glad you got photos of you guys all dressed up! You both looked great--and that purple dress was FIERCE.
Marley said…
thanks, Kelly! You looked pretty fantastic, yourself :-)