Are you tired of flowers yet?

 So, I did a bit of landscaping this weekend...or A LOT.  I've neglected a few spots around the house for several years because they were just so taken-over with weeds.  This first picture is what it looks like now, after my work.  I found just one picture (not the best but you get the idea) of it when we first moved in.  The picture below is from when we were trying to get the carpet in through the basement window.  You can see lots of weeds and two rather large bushes near the HVAC unit
 On this side was just a gigantic weed (and poison ivy patch, say the rashes all over my body) patch!  I rented a roto-tiller and went to town on this bad boy!  that roto-tiller weighed more than I!  Once I got it all tilled, I raked out all the crap, hand-edged, and put in some new plants; butterfly bush on the end, two blackberry plants, and a blueberry plant.
 Here are some close-ups of the gorgeous pink hydrangeas I got this weekend!  This first one is a double-bloom mophead.  It is gorgeous!

 Here's a close-up of the butterfly bush
 My hydrangeas on the other side of the house
 I clipped my roses several weeks ago and they are blooming again wonderfully!

 This hydrangea is lovely!  I bought it thinking it was going to be tinged with pink but it's mostly blue
 It must be the acidity of my soil

I treated myself and brought a few clippings in!


Kelly Anne said…
Never tired of flowers. Never! I am so impressed with your roto-tilling. And your berries! I hope you enjoy the (erm, literal) fruits of that labor! Ours are all covered in netting so the deer don't get them. :(
Marley said…
We may have to net them once they start producing! They are pretty tiny so it may be a little while