Pet Fiesta 2012!

 among the million other photos I took this weekend, here are some from the Pet Fiesta!
 I seem to have caught this guy's eye through the crowd

 This puppy was so energetic!  I can't believe I was even able to get a picture of him in focus, he just kept moving too much

 this little guy just wanted a snack

 I found the corgis!  Oh my goodness was I in heaven
 I love corgis like nothing else

 Then we came upon this lab, chihuahua mix (crazy, I know).  He was so precious!

 Happy frenchie
 "aww yeah, scratch right there!"

 A pooped pup

 "hi there!"
 Happy bulldog

And a bonus video I took of the cute, little lab, chihuahua mix.  I'm still trying to get the hang of focusing on the Mark II and it's tough when you've got an energetic puppy moving around!