This weekend Alex and I started putting together our new closet.  Here we are just putting together the frame for the bench
 Here's a quick jump ahead to when we got the shelves up and the bench done

I looked everywhere for bins that would slide under the bench but there was nothing!  So, I had to make my own.  This was my first attempt at any type of "wood-working".  I'd say it went pretty well!
Here are both bins, side by side.  Oh, and the best part, both bins/drawers cost me $30 for all material (including stain and paint brush for staining)

I found a wonderful, dark stain

This is the front of the drawer.  Tomorrow I will add some rope for handles; not sure where I'll find the rope as Home Depot didn't have quite what I was looking for

Here's a close-up of the shelves and cleats that hold up the shelves

Here it is all painted up, bead-board on the back wall and baseboard at the bottom of the bench.  I think it makes it look more built-in.  I have a bunch of coat hooks to mount on the back wall and some bins that will fit on the top shelves.  I also plan to make a nice pad for the bench-top, then toss some pillows on top.  It's coming along!  I will post some more pictures once it's totally done.

I got my motivation from this blog I found.  I had to change some things to work for my closet but I definitely used her idea for the storage "drawers" under the bench.