Tufted ottoman

 After seeing many DIY Tufted Ottomans on several blogs, I decided it was time I tried!  I've always wanted a large ottoman but they're rather pricey.  This cost me about $50!  I got the table off Craigslist for $10.  The top was not in great shape but the table was sturdy and that's all that matters.  I initially bought foam from Jo-Ann Fabrics but it was incredibly expensive.  I then had an idea!  What if I bought a foam mattress topper off Amazon?  Maybe it would be cheaper...
Well, it definitely was cheaper.  2" foam from Jo-Ann Fabrics is $40/yard!  I got a twin size mattress topper (2") off Amazon for $30!  That even leaves me some extra foam for other projects
 Here is the table before
I spray-painted the legs and base black and that's about it.  This is one of the tutorials I used.  I even made the buttons myself!  I think because I have a patterned fabric, it's harder to see the buttons creating the tufting.  They look great in person, though!