Lots of new projects!

 Any of you who know me well know I love to make some cake; even better if it's shared in a creative way!  this isn't the first time I've made cake in a jar.
 I mixed up some lemon cake (rainbow colored) in a jar layered with strawberries and cream cheese icing for my good friend Jill's birthday
 And of course some rainbow sprinkles to top it off!  If you are wondering how I get the cake to be so bright, the trick is gel food coloring.  I've bought gel food coloring from the grocery store and it's just no good.  This is what I used and it's the best, most vibrant food coloring I've ever used.  Don't waste your money on the stuff at the grocery store
 On to project #2.  Alex and I got tile for this entryway about two years ago.  We've been putting off this project for quite some time now
 We finally dove in last weekend and tiled
 what do you think?  It finally looks more complete
 We will be putting together some plans to build some type of storage bench and shelves in the closet area.  This is my inspiration
 Project #3, I created some button earrings for myself.  I used a button cover kit and just used some fabric I had lying around
 I definitely plan on making some more, with smaller buttons
 They're pretty darn cute, though!
Bonus flower picture; Trader Joes has the best flowers anywhere!