Waterfalls, galore

 Next on our trip was to head up to Portland and stop by Mt. Hood and other "attractions" along the way.  Unfortunately, Mt. Hood was incredibly snowy so getting up to the lodge was near impossible.  I did happen to get this shot leaving the mountain, though
 Heading closer to Portland along the Columbia River Gorge is a long section of highway that is filled with waterfalls.  First stop was Punchbowl Falls
 I was unprepared for such a gorgeous hike.  It was raining but Alex and I couldn't have cared less.  We were in such awe of the hike
 The entire 4.something mile hike is littered with smaller waterfalls
 Some near and some far
 Most of them spill over the hiking trail
 At times, it looked like a whole different world

 To the right was a huge valley

 You can see the waterfall on the right side of the trail

 This is a shot of the steep drop-off from the trail

 Parts of the trail had wires to hold on where the trail was more narrow

 I normally don't like heights but I was just so enthralled by the sights that I wasn't bothered by the narrow trails

 Just one of many waterfalls in the distance
 Here is a shot of the "creek" we had to cross
 Luckily we had waterproof boots as we had to wade through several inches of water
 Here is Upper Punchbowl Falls

 And heading back down

 My personal favorite part of the trail
 You can see someone standing near the waterfall with an umbrella

 Here is another waterfall that was much more touristy.  This is Multnomah Falls
 It was pretty awesome; but a less fun hike
 Here is a shot at the top of the waterfall
And here is Alex, totally soaked from hiking in the rain


Kelly Anne said…
I will never not long photos of Alex making that face. Never ever. I had no idea Portland had so many falls! Gorgeous!
Kelly Anne said…
Never not LOVE, that is. Not sure what happened there.
Marley said…
haha, I knew figured that's what you meant