Portland, OR

 When in Portland, we checked out some local sights.  One is the Pittock Mansion. 
 It was all dressed up for the holidays
It was a pretty sweet house.  On a clear day, all the front-facing windows have views of Mt. Hood.  It, of course, was too cloudy for us to see.
 We enjoyed lots of local food; some great cafes
 Of course we hit up Voodoo Donuts
 Also on the "tour" was Hair of The Dog, among many other breweries
 Got some awesome cupcakes from Cupcake Jones
 Here is a shot, at night, of one of our favorite spots; The Grilled Cheese Grill
 The first night I got a grilled cheese with Tillamook cheddar, bacon, apples, and one other cheese.
 Here is the "dining car"; an old double-decked bus with tables and chairs.  They have small heaters set up in there and lots of Trivial Pursuit for while you wait
The second time we visited, I got one with egg, bacon, cheddar and ham on pumpernickle bread.  They even have dessert sandwiches!  We got one with mascarpone cheese, grilled bananas, and Nutella on cinnamon swirl bread.  it was phenomenal!
 Here is a better shot in the daytime
 The inside

Rogue brewery was another one we hit.  It had pretty amazing food and great brews, too.  Alex was particularly excited about Rogue. 


Kelly Anne said…
Oh, you went to the Grilled Cheese Grill! I am tres jealous.