More waterfalls!

 After knocking around Portland for a few days, I wanted to get out and do more hiking
 We found another set of falls called Latourell Falls

 At the end of the trail, before you begin the loop back, is another waterfall
 this one is smaller than the main one but just as cool
 Alex debates if we can make it behind the falls

 You can see how much wind the waterfall creates by the billowing of my raincoat!  It was incredibly cold back there and you get blasted by cold water

 Can you find Alex?

 I head up for the spot behind the falls
 I'm much easier to spot

 We make it back to the main falls and explore
 Alex decides to try to get behind this one, too.  Can you see him?
 He quickly changes his mind after he gets near the falls.  He said it was like being blasted by an icy firehose!  And he was drenched

 The rocks behind the falls are pretty amazing

 here is another set of falls we saw; this is Bridal Veil
 Here is a shot of Mt. Rainier ( i think) from the plane

Some awesome mountains from the plane

I have some videos I'd like to share as well but I don't have them on my computer yet.  I will update soon


Kelly Anne said…
I love the shot with the mushrooms in the hollow. Looks like something out of a Grimm fairy tale.
Marley said…
Thanks! The plants and fungi around the waterfall were incredible
Dommeh12 said…
Amazing photos, I like the one of the Mountains from the Plane right at the end, looks great, nice shot.