Even more projects

 For the past couple weeks, I've been working on this duvet cover.  I saw it in a blog and loved it!
 It is based off this Urban Outfitters duvet.
 Only difference is, this one cost me about $25 to make!  What do you think?
 Here is a newsboy cap I crocheted for myself
It is just about the softest hat I have!  I love it!


Nicole said…
Crocheting is addicting isn't it? :-P Dare I ask if anyone's told you about Ravelry.com? It's pretty much a social site full of free (and paid) patterns and things. There's a newsboy cap on there that I have on my list of stuff to make!

Bo Boland said…
Does that come in "extra large noggin"?
Marley said…
Crocheting definitely is addicting, Nicole! And Ravelry is fantastic :-) This newsboy cap was really easy to make; only took me about 2 hours! I just paged through some of your blog and it's awesome!

Bo, that hat comes in any size necessary, ha! It's very stretchy. Why; you want one? :-)
Loudshine said…
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Love all the crafting you are doing! I am currently into art dolls...i feel like I went down the bunny trail and fell down the rabbit hole of doll making! Have fun!
skinsoffa said…
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