New kitchen floors!

Alex and I have finally had enough!  We did our own hardwood flooring a few years ago and it was a royal pain!  We never wanted to do it again.  So we hired someone to take care of it for us.  Here are some before and after shots!
 Kitchen overall before and after.  I feel like the hardwood really warms up the kitchen.  The white cabinets look less stark white.  I think I'll have to repaint the walls now

 Here's the bathroom before and after

 Apologies for the horrendous formatting; Blogger really sucks for adding photos.  I just can't get them to go where I want them.  Regardless, you get the idea.  The kitchen looks much more complete now!  It took the guys 2 days to do the flooring.  It probably would have taken Alex and I a month to finish!


jesirose said…
Just curious what color that green is on your walls?
Marley said…
Sorry for the super-delayed response! It is actually a custom color we had mixed up based on a shirt that Alex has, haha. Couldn't give you a name for it