Apple Rings

 Here's a twist on the norm; these look like onion rings, right?  Close, but they are apple rings.  I found this recipe a few weeks back and knew I had to try it!  I had some still-usable oil left over from the donuts I made so I figured I'd give this a shot
They turned out really well!  I used Granny-Smith apples, which gave the inside a nice, tart taste.  The outside was light and crispy, drizzled in the cinnamon-sugar glaze.  These are heavenly!  I definitely recommend giving it a shot if you've got some apples that need using.  I halved the recipe, as it called for 6 apples and I didn't think Alex and I needed that many apple rings.  This is a fantastic fall recipe!  It would be delightful with some tea or coffee