The boat dock no more!

 Those of you who have been reading my blog may remember this beaut!  We lovingly referred to it as our "boat dock"...because well, what the hell was it?
 So we tore it was one of our first projects
 And this is how it looked for a lonnnnnng time; several years
 Well, we decided to change that!  As a treat to ourselves for all the hard work WE have done on our house by ourselves, Alex and I decided to hire Merrifield to do some landscape work for us.
 This was what it looked like yesterday.  All the sod was torn out, hand edged, and new dirt brought in.
 Here it is tonight!  There are 3 crape myrtles and 5 skip laurels.  Alex and I did the mulching ourselves (hey, gotta have a little hand in this!).
 We also will be adding large stepping stones along the path; 36 of them to be precise.  And they are HEAVY!  But we are up to the challenge
 We will probably attempt it this weekend
 Once these get bigger, they will provide much-needed privacy for our deck.  Since our deck faces the street, anyone walking by can see us
 One more crape myrtle in the back near the back corner of the deck
 Here's the view from the deck.  It will look great with the stepping stones!
And another view from the street.  I will also be adding all kinds of plans throughout the bed but I'm still deciding what do add.  I am thinking a few hostas for sure.  Anyway, it feels fantastic to have not done the really hard stuff ourselves.  We really have worked so hard to do everything on our own on this house, we thought we deserved to have someone else do the work for a change!


Ginger said…
Loved seeing the transformation. Its really lovely now. Looks like you did a lot of work yourselves, too -- but glad someone else did some of the "heavy lifting" this time. Good Job!
Majid Ali said…
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