An engagement weekend!

 This was an engagement-filled weekend!  On Saturday I did an engagement shoot with my friends Melanie and Gethyn.  Today was a surprise engagement party for Adam and Catherine.  I made cupcakes in a jar!
 I did strawberry
 And blueberry
I also made a berry tart
 This thing was pretty killer!  It took 2 days to make but so worth it!  The shell was buttery and flaky.  Under the berries was a pastry creme; it's like a vanilla custard/pudding.  It is very tasty!
 Here are all the jars full of cake, icing, whipped cream, and berries
 Alex made this wonderful label for the tops of the jars
 The sprawl

 Jordan and Adam's grandfather visit

 Then we enjoyed a slideshow that Peter made

The tart disappeared very quickly!

I will have photos from Melanie and Gethyn's engagement session soon so check back

Congrats to Adam and Catherine!


Kelly Anne said…
Thank you so much for snapping these--and for the delicious dessert options! I cannot get over that tart.
i dream in HD said…
OMG! LOVE the jarred desserts! And that tart looks superb! I might have to procure your photographing skills in my kitchen sometime soon cause those pictures of the food are perfect.