Saturday, April 23, 2011

The south

 So, Blogger decides to place photos wherever it wants and it's a pain in the ass to rearrange them so these are going to be a bit out of order.  First is the gate to the Wormsloe Plantation.  The actual plantation house isn't still around but the grounds are awesome!
 This was the sitting area in our bed and breakfast in Savannah
 The separate room with 2 beds
 The entrance to our room
 All of the rooms along the street

 Check out how big that tree is!

 Every square has either a fountain or a statue
 We passed the Lady and Sons restaurant but didn't eat there
 This is Forsyth Park
 Awesome fountain in the middle

 The giant live oaks are incredible!

 The houses are also pretty incredible
 I snuck this photo through a gate; someone's nice garden

 We checked out the Bonaventure Cemetery
 A lot of really amazing grave stones

 One of the biggest we saw

 Our B&B had several nice places to sit outside and enjoy the weather
 They even have afternoon tea every day and cookies and milk at night
 This was the courtyard outside our room

 There was even a kitty!  He wouldn't stay still so this is the only picture I have
Here we are back to Wormsloe Plantation

Apparently Savannah is usually pretty hot but the couple days we were there were gorgeous!  It was mid seventies and low humidity; nice breeze, too!  We got pretty lucky


Kelly Anne said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed Savannah! We took an architectural tour when we were last there and it was just fantastic. Didn't visit the cemetery, though--next time!

I'm sorry you're having issues with Blogger and photos. I generally upload everything at once, then exit out of the photo screen and add each shot to the post one by one. Saves me the trouble of rearranging.

Dsimpson83 said...

Wow Wow Wow! You have a brilliant eye for beauty in architect.
This is my next step as at the moment im doing a gardening blog called garden sweet garden as its my hobby and i only just realised that im not that bad at photography. Well i try my best. may be you could view it and give me some tips would be much appreciated.
D J Simpson