Sunday, April 10, 2011

Photo dump

I finally am zeroing in on finishing the cabinets for good!  Here is the corner cabinet before.  I removed the stained glass panel, had clear glass put in and then frosted the leaf pattern I made on it
 Here are the upper cabinets before.
My brother and I removed the center panels of the doors and I had clear glass put in.  Then I taped them off and frosted them
 Here's a good view of the corner of the kitchen.  Next up are the knobs

 Today I discovered we have a Bradford Pear tree in our yard.  Very pretty but stinky
 My tulips that I planted last fall are up!
 And gorgeous!

Finally adding some curb-appeal to this house


Just two peas in a shell, or, wait... said...

Looking great Marley!!

Marley said...

Thanks! New granite counter tops on Thursday, eek! goodbye blue faux marble

The Septic Tank Blog said...

Those flowers are stunning!