Alex and I just got back from our trip to Killington, Vermont.  Here is the view from our bus stop to the mountain.  It was a short 2 minute ride
 Thursday was perfect!  Nobody was on the mountain
 It took Alex no time to get the hang of skiing again

 They had these shops all over the mountain called "The Waffle Cabin" where they sold waffles and hot chocolate.  My goodness, they were so freakin' good!  They are coated in a crystalline sugar or chocolate
 After enjoying our waffle
 Looking up the bunny slope
 The sky was so blue!

 This was at the peak

 The views were extraordinary!
 Here is Alex walking back to our condo
 This is a ridiculous picture of me trying to take my mask off but I included it as I did try skiing on our second day.  It had been 10 years since I'd skied! 

 Me on skis again!  I'd say I did pretty well

 Alex and I took a path called "the Juggernaut" and it was almost entirely flat!  We had to find a quick exit; thank goodness I was on skis
 I had to snap a quick picture of this guy in his "bear" suit; he was covered in all types of furs

 We also took a snowmobile tour!
It was a blast!  We are definitely sore though after 3 days of skiing


Killington! I went a thousand years ago in high school and it was awesome then as it looks to be now! Glad you had a great trip!