Some "new" things

 So this weekend Alex and I got into a small project.  I've been wanting to work on improving our closet for some time now.  Since the weather is cold, it's the perfect time to work inside
 This was our closet earlier this weekend; dirty carpet, messy, bad shelving/organization.  Alex and I had a few boxes of hardwood left over from our old hardwood projects so I thought it'd be a good idea to put it to use in our closet
 So yesterday I ripped up the carpet and the baseboards
 Today we laid the hardwood and put down some baseboards.  The wall is heavily damaged so I can't quite finish painting yet.  The bluish color in the corners and above the baseboard is the color I'm doing (same color as the adjoining bathroom)
 Here's another view.  Alex and I had just enough boards to do this closet; we were left with only 2 small boards.  We were panicking that we'd have to buy another box to only need a few extra boards.  A new box of hardwood is about $80.

I should be able to sand and finish painting tomorrow
We also put up new vertical blinds in the sunroom; in place of the hideous blue ones
 Here are the old blinds
I also painted an "accent wall".  I finally got an orange wall in my house :-)  I'm pretty happy with it because it is such a tall wall that I think the color helps

Check back tomorrow for new pictures of the closet

PS; the theme was "new"