The very delayed deck

 So we are finally nearing the end of our major deck project.  Here are a few before pictures; as you can tell, the wood is in very rough condition.  Not only did we rip it all down and replace everything; we made it bigger by about 4 feet on each side

 This was the side of the house after the "boat dock" was removed
View from the dining room; before
 View from the dining room; after.  
The pergola is not quite done but the frame is up
 View facing the street where the stairs are now; before
View from the side of the house with the new stairs; after
 Where the "boat dock" met the deck; before
The stairs we put in; after

We really squeezed these last few projects in before the real cold weather hits.  The majority of it is done and the rest can wait until it warms up again.  We will be adding a paver walkway from the stairs seen above that goes alongside our house and out to the driveway.

It is such a relief to have this done!  Now if only we could enjoy it