Annual cookie bake off!

 This past Saturday was our annual cookie bake!  My mother in law hosts and a bunch of us (this year it was my mom, Veronica, Kyle, and myself) bake cookies all day!
 First on the list were chocolate gooey butter cookies; a Paula Deen special so you know there's a lot of butter in them
 LOTS of supplies
 You can't have a cookie bake-off without a stand mixer; seriously
 So hard to resist eating all of them

 That's right; we not only  had 1 mixer, but two!

 Making cookies is serious business as Roni and Kyle work together to mix some dough
 Me and my girl, Roni!
 Mom's recipe; which was absolutely killer!

 Anyone who knows me well knows I can't resist a beater
 The spread!
We made 6 or 7 different cookies; all equally delicious!  It is always one of my favorite days of the year.  I can't wait for Christmas


love the pictures. Felt like i was there!