This weekend we went hiking for Kyle's birthday!  We headed up to hike Old Rag
I had never done this hike before but loved all the super tall trees!
This weekend was perfect for the hike since the trees are right in the midst of changing; which also meant LOADS of people
Alex and I reached what we thought was the summit...boy were we wrong!
 It sure was pretty though
We decided to eat some lunch and then get in line (yes, get in line) to finish the hike
I had never waited in line for a hike before.  Turns out there are some tricky rock scrambles that most of these people shouldn't even be attempting...but they do, and in turn, you end up waiting at least an hour for a hike that should take 15 minutes.
I took some pictures while we waited
But then we made it, and it was so worth it!
We met up with our group and even tossed around the football!
Check out the bird
AJ and Kyle
Alex and I
More awesome tall trees on the hike down
I love this
And here's the foyer of the house we stayed in at Massanutten!  Awesome house that sleeps like 15
Completely unrelated but here's the door almost finished.  The red is super bright but since it's set back under our front porch, it's hardly noticeable from the street.  What do you think?


Frank said…
Nice photos, Marley. I love shooting the Fall leaves at my parents' house in PA.

Sorry I missed your call tonight! I sometimes am hesitant to answer strange numbers; completely slipped my mind that you were calling!

Anyway, perhaps I will try you tomorrow sometime. Thanks again!

Kelly Anne said…
Unsurprisingly, I LOVE the red door. Fantastic.
Kelly Anne said…
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