Mystery park

This evening I was told by a friend about a park in Reston
As far as I know, it's only accessible by cutting through some trees from the W&OD in Reston
It's quite an impressive park with lots of walking paths!
I've been researching it all night and can't find out what it's for or who it belongs to
It looks like there are large government buildings around it but the only thing I can find on google maps is a Fannie Mae building
This park is not mentioned anywhere
There are about 3 ponds (that I found) with fountains, places to sit, and rocks with plaques inscribed with poems
Such as this
And this
I saw a few other people walking around but it was pretty empty
It's a well-hidden gem in Reston!
I would like to find out what it is
Another poem...very interesting!


Anonymous said…
Oh man! I would love to go there!!! It looks beautiful!! How exactly do you get to it???
Marley said…
haha, it's a bit confusing. Bear with me...

So, if you are on Reston Parkway headed North towards Reston Town Center; take a right on Sunset Hills Road, then take the next left onto Old Reston Ave (there's a 7-11 on the corner). Park in the small parking lot to your right and by the W&OD bike path. Walk on the bike path a little bit (less than 1/4 mile) and you should see a couple benches on the left where there's a clearing in the trees. Through the clearing you should see a pebble stone pathway. This is the start of the paths...hop on here and follow it around! It's an awesome little place!