Mini wedding

This past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting these two, Melanie and Joe, at their small wedding in Leesburg
I knew I loved this couple from the first time I met with them!  They are so laid back and fun-loving!  We bonded instantly on renovating houses and their love for photography
They are both so photogenic
Surrounded by great friends
Joe is wearing his father's watch, who passed a couple years ago.  Joe said it doesn't run anymore but he wore it anyway

Thanks to Melanie and Joe for having me there for your special day!

In other news, my days of assisting weddings is limited and coming to an end.  So you may be seeing less weddings and less updates


Anonymous said…
Like I said small world.. We shot a wedding there, and they actually had the same officiant.. It's kinda funny how we ended up using some of the same backdrops as you too (red barn door, and rock wall, and even the tree) guess photographers think alike. Our couple was very laid back and fun too.
Take care