This weekend was PACKED!  I had the wedding on Saturday, a crab feast and a birthday party on Sunday.  Above is Alex getting pumped for crabs

Chowin' down with the fam!  I'm not editing these, y'all...too lazy tonight
Then on to Cassidy's birthday party in DC.  He and his friend Jen turned 25 and had a killer party to celebrate
There's the birthday boy in his party hat...and party suit, apparently ;-)
His apartment has a pretty sweet pool on the roof
The view isn't bad either
The drink station, manned by the teddy bear
And then things got serious and Cassidy picked up the "bear keg"
He offered drinks to all!
So there you have it!  And I have my first weekend off (no weddings!) for a bit so I'm pretty stoked.  I'll be hitting up a pig-roast though so be sure to check back this weekend for pics from that