Bethany Beach

Alex and I just got back from a week at Bethany Beach.  We spent all week doing a whole lot of nothing; which is exactly what we needed!
The skies were perfectly blue and we only got rained on once
We played a lot of cards!
Ate a lot of ice cream
The boys did their annual punching game
Lots of air hockey
And skee-ball of course

Headin' down to the beach on our last day
Not too packed for a Friday
Bobby caught a wave!
Michael and Bobby rode them in together
The waves were excellent for the first few days
We spent A LOT of time in the water!
Getting ready to catch a big one
Look out!
And gone in the wave
As always, the week went by far too quickly but it's still nice to be home.

Alex and I got the approval from our HOA to begin ripping down our old deck and rebuilding a new one so we are pretty stoked about that!  We are building the new deck with composite decking.  It will have a pergola and 2 sets of stairs with some built-in benches as well.  We hope to get started ASAP!


Veronica said…
That black and white (er, sepia?) picture of you is great. Super cute!
Marley said…
Thanks! I was wearing my yellow polka-dot bikini :-)
I wanna go back to my little grass shack!! (read: Blue Surf condos)...we were there July 1 - year we will all have to go the same week!